Monthly Archives: November 2011

Queen Adelaide

For Katie

Ah, my Queen,
lead me into your chamber
and deposit me
on the bed that nightly
accepts the gift
of your naked body.
Straddle me so that I
might clasp your buttocks
and ravish the pouting lips
of your cunt with my mouth
and tongue
like it was my last meal.
Grind yourself upon me
until you cry out and explode,
coating my face with
your hot sweetness.
Now slide down my torso,
past my waist,
and take my hard cock
and guide it deep inside you.
Ride me like the horses
of your youth,
clinging tightly with your thighs
as I thrust and buck
beneath your majestic flesh.
Come now,
come with me
as I fill you and
draw your face down
to crush your lips
against mine,
Come now, my Queen,
and remind me that I
am always at your service.


Sunday afternoon

There’s a certain peace
to be found here,
under the trees,
as the Sunday afternoon
shoppers begin to disperse,
kids squealing as they
run past the hissing fountain
that sprays them
with cold, dirty water,
the magpies
and currawongs
caroling to the setting sun.
The city is becalmed now
and becomes almost attractive,
and, just for a moment,
you can pretend
that it will always
be like this.

Mummified dogs

Garema Place, Canberra