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Cafe Injoy

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A brief argument against intelligent design

For those who maintain that all life was created or is the result of intelligent design, I present one example that ought to kill that claim forever: the scrotum.

Scrotums are annoying. Sure they serve a purpose – giving the testicles a case and helping to regulate their temperature to keep the sperm alive – but other than they’re stupid. They get in the way, causing you discomfort when you sit or cross your legs. They get stuck your thighs and retain moisture. They present a nice target for someone wanting to cause you pain.

Surely an intelligent designer would have come up with a better plan. Take, for example, female humans. Their seed packets are properly located within their bodies. Why should the males’ be any different? Perhaps, long ago, a large, healthy looking scrotum was important for mating purposes, but not anymore.

No! If anything, scrotums are the perfect example of evolution’s fallibility, not evidence of omnipotent creator. DESIGN FAIL!

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Could you, would you?

If I said I loved you:

Could you, would you, love me back?
Could you, would you, in the sack?
Even if my mind is topsy-turvy
and even if my body’s curvy?

Could you, would you, on a train?
Could you, would you, in the rain?
Even if sometimes I’m a nerd
and even when my humour gets absurd?

Could you, would you, in a car?
Could you, would you, near or far?
Even when I don’t bring you flowers
and even if I’m on the ‘net for hours?

Could you, would you, stay with me?
Could you, would you, be happy?
Even when my hair turns grey
and even if I’m too tired to play?

Could you, would you, in due time?
Could you, would you, want to be mine?

Cotter Reserve


July 2005

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