Monthly Archives: July 2011

Here be lovers

Our bodies form letters
against the crisp white sheets,
languid limbs entwined
in a smooth, cursive script
so that,
viewed from above,
we are a kinetic map
drawn upon the
rumpled linen page.

we face down
the monsters that dwell
beyond the edges
of our world
and we say:
“Here be lovers
whom none shall assail.”

Afternoon indulgence


Au Matin Calme, Hutt St Adelaide

the words

the words the words
keep floating around
circling like flies
but never getting close enough
to catch

they refuse to conform
and allow themselves
to be moulded into
the shapes i need
them to take

the words the words
bounce from one side
to another
like a drunk in an alleyway
babbling incoherently

and like a drunk
i can’t get control
and piss away
the energy
that keeps me upright

the words
those stupid words
i love them
just the same