Monthly Archives: August 2012

Two crows

Two crows stabbing beaks
into the corpse of a fox.
Same as yesterday.


Puppy love

Sometimes he would awake before her
and lie there watching her sleep.
He’d scoot closer and nuzzle
into her neck, a quiver of pleasure
racing through him at her murmured response.
He’d inhale the warm, musty scent of her
and groan with satisfaction.

Later, he would follow her –
outside, inside, room to room –
or sit and watch her dance,
his heart bursting with devotion
and pride, that out of all the scruffy dogs
in the world, he was the puppy
she decided to take home.

Touch (two versions)


The touch of a hand
on your arm,
or on your leg,
accompanied by a laugh,
can make you feel
Whether it’s real or
only your imagination,
your pulse still
and the ghost of her touch
fades slowly.


Her fingers rest lightly
on your wrist,
silencing for a moment
the internal chatter that says
“You’re not good enough.”

This city

I don’t know why I came here.
I had my reasons,
but this city,
once familiar,

briefly a home,
is now as strange
as any I’ve found myself in
And it hits me,

just how alone I am
There’s nothing
for me here.

And with each step
I count down
the hours
until I leave,

and swap these streets
for others and the comfort
of more familiar
faceless people.


The closer I get
the further away you seem.
Could you make me feel
any less worthy of you,
just a mat for your feet?