Monthly Archives: November 2016


After much procrastination eBook number one is finally out. You can get it for USD $3.99 (that’s a bit over AUD $5) at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & NobleKobo and Scribd (plus some others like Baker & Taylor and Gardners if that’s your thing).

“Four bucks?” you say? C’mon, you’ve spent more on coffee made by someone who should’ve stuck to filling a glass of water from a tap. Save your tastebuds and show me some love instead. Or if you’re really not sure and you think you’d prefer to give your coin to that busker playing a version of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” that’s even worse than the original, download a sample. And then take your money back from that busker and give me some fiscal affection. Everybody’s happy! Huzzah!

Please note: Apparently the book has shipped to iBooks, but it’s not showing up in the store yet. I’ll update this post when it appears.

UPDATE: The book is now live in the iBooks store.