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Straight ’til sunrise

With the night falling behind us
we fly down dark highways,
air roaring through open windows
and filling our lungs with the smell
of soil and damp leaves.

The white lines in the middle of the road
make a loud fft as we run them down,
kamikaze moths dive-bombing the headlights
and bright eyes gleaming in the undergrowth.

We throw back our heads and howl
with the wind, riding the rumblestrip
straight ’til sunrise.

No porn, please. We’re British.

I’m a little concerned.

The British government has proposed that internet service providers block access to pornography, with people being required to opt in to access their daily dose of nudity and debauchery instead of making a choice to block it themselves.

Apparently this proposal is aimed at combating “the early sexualisation of children”. Hands up who else thinks this is a load of crap? I suggest that any early sexualisation is more likely to be the result of advertising, music video clips, and the behaviour of parents and friends, not access to pornography.

Communications minister Ed Vaizey hopes that “ISPs come up with solutions to protect children” and to stop them from being exposed to pornography on the internet. Umm, hello? There are commercially available site blockers and filters that parents can install themselves if they’re concerned. Parents can also exercise some common sense and supervise their children.

While to some extent the government does have a point (after all, pornography is not permitted into the home via free-to-air TV), why does the government think that parents should not be responsible for controlling what material enters their homes by other means? Since when did parents and guardians abdicate their child-raising duties to the government?

The other problem I have with this is the opt in aspect. I don’t imagine too many people would comfortable contacting their ISP to request access to porn; it’d be a bit like walking into an adult store and hoping no-one you know sees you. Would we be asking for blanket access to (legally available) porn or would we have to request particular categories, such as soft core, gay, lesbian, interracial, Asian girls, MILFs, etc? I wouldn’t care too much about firing off an email to sate my desire to view hot, horny housewives in the nude, but how much personal information would I have to provide and who would have access to the records of my request?

No, this opt in business is a ridiculous limitation on my right at access whatever I like in my home, provided that it’s not illegal (for example, while I have objection to porn I draw the line at child porn and bestiality). Now if governments decide to make all porn illegal, that’s another matter, but this would amount to unreasonable censorship and they’d have a hell of a fight on their hands.

The answer, in my opinion, is not to prevent adults from accessing pornography in the privacy of their homes, but for parents and guardians to supervise and control what their children are watching, just like they do with TV, movie rentals and computer games. If parents aren’t sure how to install filters or blockers, it’s up to them to learn how. If the government wants to help it can provide widely available information on how to do so. However, it’s not the government’s job to function as a ‘net nanny because some parents are too lazy to monitor what their children are doing.

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No indigenous people in China?

I read a curious thing in the 2010 UN Human Development Report earlier this week – “According to official Chinese policy, there are no indigenous peoples in the country; the term used is “ethnic minorities.” (It’s on page 75 if you want to check for yourself.)

To say that something is indigenous to a location means that it is native to it. To me, the Chinese policy says that there are no native Chinese people living in China. Given that the majority ethnic group, the Han, makes up approximately 92% of the population and they took their name from the Han Dynasty that ruled China from 206BC to 220AD, this policy is illogical. Even more so when you consider that the Han were likely descended from the Qin, who were likely descended from the Zhou and, further back, from the Shang (all Dynasties, not necessarily discrete ethnicities). That’s several thousand years worth of an essentially native Chinese people (even taking into account the mixing of bloodlines from feudal states pre-unification and from areas that now make up modern day Korea, Mongolia, Tibet and so on).

The UN report, in part, discussed the status of countries’ indigenous people or, in China-talk, their ethnic minorities. So instead of saying there are no indigenous people in China, a completely non-sensical claim, couldn’t the Chinese government have just said, ‘Well, our indigenous people are the majority so the most disadvantaged are actually the ethnic minorities’? Much more accurate.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter and I’m probably just arguing semantics. As I said, I just found it curious.


I remember that Christmas:
for one short, quiet hour
we were alone in your room.
We held each other
and said not much at all.
And while I was falling in love
you were thinking about him.

For months I shared you:
he had you on weekends
and I had you on week nights.
And though you eventually left us,
clutching only memories,
my heart shattered,
I don’t regret looking like your fool.

Back, and to the left

Pressed against you.
Hot and hard between
your buttocks.
My hands, on your hips,
move slowly, gently up
you back, under your arms,
down the slope of your breasts.
Fingers circle your nipples,
once, softly,
move under your breasts,
down your belly’s
smooth curve.
You tilt your head.
Back, and to the left. My
nose follows your hairline,
lips on your ear.
Warm tongue, the tip,
on your neck, and down.
Lips follow, press
I turn you around
and spring towards you,
heavy. Hot. Your
eyes, half closed,
dreamy. My fingers move
your hair back, hands pull your face
to mine. Lips firm. Moist.
Soft breaths exchanged,
tongues flick together,
briefly, then away.
Your nipples press
into me, breasts firm, yielding.
My lips find your
neck, your throat,
down to your breasts,
kissing, brushing. My
tongue flicks your
nipples, first the left, then
the right. I tease them with
my lips, moisten them
with my tongue.
Your breath shallow
as my kisses move
Your navel.
Your mound.
My tongue traces lines
between your thighs
and your labia. Your
fingers dig into my
shoulders as I lower you,
to the bed. I run
my tongue up, gently,
teasing you, opening you.
Down. Up. Down. Up.
Wet, warm.
Your breath fast, shallow. Your body
twitches. Eyes closed.
My tongue probes
you, tastes you.
My nose strokes and
inhales you. My lips move
away. Your breath escapes,
a deep sigh. Your right
hand reaches, grasps me
firmly. Strokes my hardness.
Slowly rubs me against
your wetness. Your legs open wider.
You bite your lip. With me
kneeling above you, your head
tilts back, and to
the left, as you guide
me inside.