A moment of pause
in which I fail
once again
to leap.

And the last thing
I said I wanted
turned out not to be
the last thing at all.


A piece for mourning

When I awake it’s
your stray hairs
and the cum stains
on the sheets
that prove I wasn’t
simply dreaming.

Afternoon evocation

Smoky, golden sunlight
seeps through the window
and with its final
strokes for the day,
paints your breasts
with a dusty rainbow.
I reach out to trace
the rising shadow
on your back, but
you are not there.


Sit beside me, honey,
and let down you hair.
I have a bag full of cash
and a case of wine
in the back so grab a bottle
cos we have seven hard hours to go.
And did you remember
the matches like I asked?

We’ll head north and then west
and we won’t need a map
cos I know the roads
like my lips know your skin.
So baby, wind down
your window and sing
to the fucking stars
cos we ain’t ever coming back.

But first, keep the motor running.
Tonight we leave nothing behind.


When the heat has left your body,
and no sound passes your lips,
I will drift here
in this dark eternity.