So, I’m working on a couple of eBooks of my writing (well, only one is actively in development at this stage). I still have a bit of work to do on the first, such as putting the final touches on formatting and designing a cover, but hopefully within a month it should be done. Most of that material has not previously been published on this website.

I’ll probably use Smashwords to take my publishing virginity since they target the major sellers, although I will have to do a separate Kindle version cos Smashwords doesn’t publish to Amazon. That will follow shortly after the Smashwords version and then I can concentrate on book two.

I’m also contemplating doing print-on-demand books which will only be available through Amazon, or maybe Lulu or something like that, but I’ll see how the eBooks do first. If anyone has useful experiences with POD to share, please let me know (Createspace and Lulu both have pros and cons to varying degrees, and I think I’ve ruled out Blurb. While IngramSpark seems pretty good, I think I’d be wasting my money at this stage. Let’s have another look once I’m rich and famous :-P)

Anyway, sidetracked… Back to book one. But first: a cigarette.


2 thoughts on “eBooks

  1. Awesome, if you need someone with fresh eyes to offer feedback or editing. Let me know.

    • Paul Christiansen says:

      Thanks. I have all the editing and formatting done now, I think. There’s a couple I’m having second thoughts about (or parts of them anyway) that I might scrap or re-work.

      Do you know anyone who’s good at cover art?

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