You don’t hear me as I approach,
and it isn’t until I kiss your neck
and slide my hand over your shoulder
and inside the front of your dress
that you realise I’m there.
I spin your chair around,
lift your chin and kiss your lips,
my right hand cupping a breast
and pinching the nipple
between my fingers.

Withdrawing my hand and mouth
I drop to my knees before you.
You gaze at me with wide eyes,
biting your lip as I grab your legs
behind the knees and pull your hips forward.
I lift your dress and spread your thighs.
I look up at you, smile,
and disappear beneath the fabric.

My tongue traces the length
of one thigh then the other,
the delicate touch making you tremble.
My hands glide up your legs,
take hold of your knickers
and pull them down.

The sight of you, the smell of you,
is intoxicating.

I kiss your pussy, softly at first,
and my tongue explores you lips
and plays with your clit,
quick flicks across,
slow circles around,
tight-lipped sucking.
Your trembling increases
and I hook my forearms under your legs,
grasping your hips with my hands
to keep you in place as I slip
my eager tongue inside you.

You grab my head with your hands
and push my face hard against you,
squeezing me with your thighs
as I fuck your beautiful, hot cunt
with my lips and my tongue,
increasing my pace to match
the thrusting of your hips,
and when you come, hard and quivering,
I remain between your legs,
gently teasing you as we regain our breath
before the rest of the office
arrives for the day.

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