You have no destiny
other than what you make
for yourself. It’s not
all planned out,
or a test.

The world is the way
it is,
not the way
it’s meant to be.

An accumulation of chances
has led you to
being here
today. Billions of years
and as many errors
in life’s program.

Whatever you plant to do
may or may not happen.
What happened yesterday
was not
Today just was.

No secret.
No grand plan.
Just life
going about its business.

Your body is simply a useful
your mind takes on its
like every other animal
that ever lived
and ever will.
And in the end,
you will be as inconsequential
as every other life
you dismiss.


6 thoughts on “Predestined

  1. handsome expression, eloquent delivery.

  2. hope all is well.

    keep writing, join our poets rally poetry community if you can, you make new poetic friends, get inspired and more.

    hope to see you share.

  3. cheximoto says:

    Like a strand from my own brain.

    Love it.

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