A brief argument against intelligent design

For those who maintain that all life was created or is the result of intelligent design, I present one example that ought to kill that claim forever: the scrotum.

Scrotums are annoying. Sure they serve a purpose – giving the testicles a case and helping to regulate their temperature to keep the sperm alive – but other than they’re stupid. They get in the way, causing you discomfort when you sit or cross your legs. They get stuck your thighs and retain moisture. They present a nice target for someone wanting to cause you pain.

Surely an intelligent designer would have come up with a better plan. Take, for example, female humans. Their seed packets are properly located within their bodies. Why should the males’ be any different? Perhaps, long ago, a large, healthy looking scrotum was important for mating purposes, but not anymore.

No! If anything, scrotums are the perfect example of evolution’s fallibility, not evidence of omnipotent creator. DESIGN FAIL!

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