Back, and to the left

Pressed against you.
Hot and hard between
your buttocks.
My hands, on your hips,
move slowly, gently up
you back, under your arms,
down the slope of your breasts.
Fingers circle your nipples,
once, softly,
move under your breasts,
down your belly’s
smooth curve.
You tilt your head.
Back, and to the left. My
nose follows your hairline,
lips on your ear.
Warm tongue, the tip,
on your neck, and down.
Lips follow, press
I turn you around
and spring towards you,
heavy. Hot. Your
eyes, half closed,
dreamy. My fingers move
your hair back, hands pull your face
to mine. Lips firm. Moist.
Soft breaths exchanged,
tongues flick together,
briefly, then away.
Your nipples press
into me, breasts firm, yielding.
My lips find your
neck, your throat,
down to your breasts,
kissing, brushing. My
tongue flicks your
nipples, first the left, then
the right. I tease them with
my lips, moisten them
with my tongue.
Your breath shallow
as my kisses move
Your navel.
Your mound.
My tongue traces lines
between your thighs
and your labia. Your
fingers dig into my
shoulders as I lower you,
to the bed. I run
my tongue up, gently,
teasing you, opening you.
Down. Up. Down. Up.
Wet, warm.
Your breath fast, shallow. Your body
twitches. Eyes closed.
My tongue probes
you, tastes you.
My nose strokes and
inhales you. My lips move
away. Your breath escapes,
a deep sigh. Your right
hand reaches, grasps me
firmly. Strokes my hardness.
Slowly rubs me against
your wetness. Your legs open wider.
You bite your lip. With me
kneeling above you, your head
tilts back, and to
the left, as you guide
me inside.


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