Catch the crap, again

I don’t want to give this idiot any more publicity than he has already received, but Danny Nalliah, leader of the Catch the Fire Ministries, has again blessed us with his wisdom.

On 13 July 2010 Nalliah continued his rant against Julia Gillard, claiming that she is “unfit to be Prime Minister because, if elected, she would live out of wedlock”. He also claims that she is anti-God, pro-abortion, bereft of Christian values, a liar and a leftist.

Julia is indeed unmarried and a self-professed atheist, but who cares? She may be pro-choice (as opposed to ‘pro-abortion’ as Nalliah claims), but so what? Her personal beliefs don’t in themselves make her any better or worse to lead this country than Nalliah’s champion of Christian values and decency, Tony Abbott. (My belief, however, is that Julia’s failure to believe in fairy tales and her belief in a woman’s right to choose makes her a much more credible leader than Abbott.)

Nalliah claims that Julia is a bad role model (for precisely who he doesn’t say) because she does not “deem marriage and wedlock important enough in her own life” and because her atheism “is an insult to the [Judeo-Christian] belief system of the bulk of this country.”

What a load of crap. Does he not understand that many people in this slightly less repressed age don’t subscribe to the outdated, patriarchal concept of marriage? (Don’t get me wrong, if a couple choose to marry then that’s their right and the same right should be extended to same-sex couples; I just view it as unnecessary).

Do people actually take this man seriously? The handful of comments on his website suggests that some people do like what he says. The following is a sample of the intellect of Nalliah’s faithful (all grammatical and spelling errors are those of the original comments).

Rob says “We need a Christian Leader the Lead the Christian Ship.”

(Australia is a Christian Ship? I’m sure the 36% per cent* of Australians who, in the 2006 ABS Census, did not identify as being one of the varieties of Christianity would disagree.)

Ian, in true Christian soldier fashion, encourages Nalliah to “keep sticking the boot in”.

(If only burning at the stake was still common practice…)

Bob says that “Ms. Gillard is an affront to every christian in the land” and that “we should pray for her to have a confrontation with Jesus.”

(Other than that one time at band camp, umm, I mean in the temple with the money lenders, I though Jesus was a non-confrontational, turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy.)

Ewan thinks that Ms Gillard’s “living in sin” is a “reproach … to our nation” and “an appaling example for any leader let alone for the Prime Minister!”

(How fortunate we are that our leaders haven’t been caught utilising cigars as sexual accessories.)

It’s all been pretty harmless so far, but then it gets more hysterical.

Trevor says that “the hypocrisy of political correctness … is from the devil” and, unless they “pray and love Julia Gillard into the Kingdom and she accepts Jesus as her Savior … she will continue to undermine our nation with her socialist/communist dogma, which is evil.”

(Political correctness, socialism and communism are evil? I don’t even know how to respond to this guy other than to suggest that praying and loving Julia “into the Kingdom” against her will would, in my view, equate to spiritual rape. But I’m sure that sort of thing is acceptable to people like Trevor.)


(I was under the impression that Julia made a conscious decision to not have children, not that she is incapable of breeding. Why would Jessica’s cranky little god care that Australia’s Prime Minister is an atheist? Julia’s not going to suddenly open the eyes of his gullible followers and put at risk the money making machine, is she?)

Final honours go to Melissa who plaintively asks “WHO WILL SAVE THE UNBORN CHILDREN?”

(What are on about, Melissa? My questions to you are: Who will save the unborn children from having religious affiliations enforced upon them by their parents? Who will save the unborn children from the hypocritical teachings of narrow-minded, xenophobic, homophobic, bigoted followers of mythical gods?)

Julia ought to be applauded for having the courage to admit her atheism and for declaring that she is won’t give lip service to religious rituals simply for the sake of appearances.

She should be admired for her decision not to marry.

She should be congratulated for not having children and choosing instead to pursue her career. She’s also doing her bit for a ‘sustainable population’, something that Nalliah and his supporters should also do; a few less religious morons like them would be a very good thing for the world.

I hope that Julia can withstand the ridiculous bullshit Nalliah and his hysterical trolls are dribbling and rise up to show this country that one doesn’t need to be a married parent and a religious cretin (or an ass-kisser of religion) to be a successful leader and inspiring role model for younger generations.

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