A random musing on acorns

As a kid I wondered if acorns were safe to eat. I remember leaving school one afternoon, picking an acorn off the ground and giving it a tentative nibble. I had heard that they might be poisonous so I didn’t want to eat too much (you can’t fault that logic can you – it might be poisonous so I’ll just have a taste). Knowing that if the acorn didn’t kill me my parents probably would if I got sick from eating one, I took only a small piece in my mouth, keeping it close to the front just in case. I remember it being sort of sweet, but it didn’t taste particularly nice so I spat it out. I didn’t get sick or die (obviously) and soon forgot about it.

Walking past the oak trees near my workplace over the last few months, I’ve had cause to again wonder at the edibility of acorns. Well, apparently they are if prepared correctly:



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