Gay-to-Straight Therapy

It’s really sad that so-called professionals would promote therapy aimed at changing a person’s sexual orientation. That is, ‘changing’ someone from gay to straight. The practice is bizarre, stupid and completely insensitive. Why do some people feel so conflicted about their sexuality? Because of stupid religious (and, sometimes, social) rules of what is right and wrong. Why don’t they offer similar therapies that remove someone’s unwanted heterosexuality? Is such a concept seen as being so ridiculous to be not needed? If so, why would anyone want to turn a gay person into a straight person?

Most of the people that offer these therapies are often the sort that also believe in a mysterious invisible creature that made everything in the world and has nothing better to do with its time than to simultaneously watch everything every one of us does at every moment of the day (not to mention also watching over everyting in the rest of the universe at the same time!) What’s more ridiculous – that belief, or the fact that homosexuality is no less natural than heterosexuality?

And for the record, I’m happily heterosexual – that’s just the way nature made me.


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